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China Zhenhu PDC Hydraulic CO.,LTD certification
China Zhenhu PDC Hydraulic CO.,LTD certification
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The company considerate after-sales service ,And try their best to meet the requirement of customers. We will be a long-term cooperation.

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Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump
Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

Large Image :  Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: A4VSO125
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Packaging Details: Standard export carton package
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

piston pump


hydraulic pump


Rexroth piston pump

Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump


Rexroth are fully interchangeable
Axial piston pump in swash plate design for hydrostatic
drives in open circuit operation

from zero to its maximum value.
–Good suction behavior
– Low noise level
– Long service life
– Modular system
– Short control times
– Variable through drive possibilities
– Optical swivel angle indicator
– Freely variable installation position


Displacement Vg max [cm3] : 40,71,125,180,250,300,350

Enumeration types:

K-A4V(S)O 40 DR/10R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 40 DRG/10R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 40 DR/10L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 40 DRG/10L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 71 DR/10R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 71 DRG/10R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 71 DR/10L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 71 DRG/10L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 125 DR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 DRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 DR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 DRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 180 DR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 DRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 DR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 DRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 250 DR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 DRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 DR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 DRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 125 LR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 LRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 LR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 125 LRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 180 LR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 LRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 LR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 180 LRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4V(S)O 250 LR/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 LRG/30R-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 LR/30L-PPB13N00
K-A4V(S)O 250 LRG/30L-PPB13N00

K-A4VSO 250LR2G/30R-PPB13N00


All models for hydraulic pumps/motors parts we supply:

Rexroth Hydraulic Parts

Rexroth A10V(S)O10/16/18/28/45/63/71/85/100/140(H & E first products)

Rexroth A2F10/12/23/28/45/55/63/80/107/125/160/200/225/250/355/500/915/1000; (A2VK)

Rexroth A2FO10/12/16/23/28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355/500

Rexroth A2FE28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355

Rexroth A4V(SO)40/45/50/56/71/90/125/180/250/355/500

Rexroth A4VG25/28/40/45/50/56/71/90/125/140/180/250

Rexroth A6V(M)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500

Rexroth A7V(O)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500/1000

Rexroth A8V(O)28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500

Rexroth A10VGO28/45/63

Rexroth A11V(L)O50/60/75/95/130/145/160/190/250/260

Rexroth A11VG50

Uchida Hydraulic Parts

Uchida A8V86; A10VD17/43/71; AP2D14/21/25/36; PSVD2-19E/21E/27E

Sauer Hydraulic Parts

Sauer SPV20/21/22/23/24/25/26, SPV6/119; MPV046;PV90R30/42/55/75/100/250

Eaton Hydraulic Parts

Eaton 3331; 3932; 4621/31; 5421/23/31;6421/23/31;7620/21;

Eaton PVXS-066/090/180

Vickers Hydraulic Parts

Vickers PVB5/6/10/15/20/29;

Vickers PVE19/21; TA1919; MFE15/19

Vickers PVH57/74/98/131; PVM028

Vickers SPV15/18

CAT Hydraulic Parts

CAT12G/14G/16G/215/225/235/245/992/963; CAT320(AP-12);CAT320C;CAT330B;

Caterpillar SPK10/10(E200B); E200B NEW TYPE; SPV10/10; CAT120

Liebherr Hydraulic Parts

Liebherr LPVD35/45/64/75/90/100/125/140/165

Yuken Hydraulic Parts

Yuken A37/40/45/56/70/90/120/140/145

Linde Hydraulic Parts

Linde BPR105/140/186/260; BPV35/50/70/100/200; B2PV35/50/75/105; H3.0/H4.5 travel

Linde HPR75/90/100/130/160; BMV50/55/75/105; BMF35/75/105/140/186/260; MPF55, MPR63

Hitachi Hydraulic Parts

Hitachi HPV091/102/105/116/130/135/145

Komatsu Hydraulic Parts

Komatsu PC50/60/100/120/150/200/220/300/400 (-1/2/3/4/5/6/7)/650; PC45R-8 swing motor;

Kawasaki Hydraulic Parts

Kawasaki K3V45/63/112/140/180/280; K5V80/140/200

Kawasaki K3SP36; KVC925/930/932; DNB08; NVK45DT; SBS120/140

Kawasaki NV64/84/90/111/137/172/270; NX15; BE725

Kawasaki MX150/173/500; M2X63/96/120/128/146/150/170/210; M5X130/180

Deijin Seiki GM05/08/10/23/30/35(VA or VL)

Kobelco Hydraulic Parts

Kobelco SK30/60/100-7/200-1/3/6/7/220-2/3/320; HD450V; LUCAS400/500

Kayaba Hydraulic Parts

Kayaba MAG150/170; MSF85/PSVS-90C; PSVL-54; KYB87,KMF90; MSF23

Hawe V30D75/95/140/250; V60

Tadano 100

Parker  Hydraulic Parts

Parker PAVC100; PV040/092/140; P200Q; PVP16/76

Denison PV29/74; PVT38

Toshiba Hydraulic Parts

Toshiba SG025/04/08/20

Nachi  Hydraulic Parts

Sumitomo PSV2-55T/63

Nachi PVD-2B-32/34/36/100;PVD-3B-54P; PVK-2B-505

Daikin V15;V38/-50/80;V70

Volvo F11,F12

Kyokuto MKV23/33


Company name: Guangzhou Top Hydraulic Co.LTD

Contact Person : Ms. Nancy
Job Title : Sales manager
Business Phone : 0086-13825084395
QQ : 1695558086
Skype : Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump 0   nancy.tophyds
Email : Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump 1   nancy@tophyds.com 
Msn : Rexroth Piston Pump A4VSO125 Rexroth Hydraulic Pump 2   tophyds@hotmail.com



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